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Who are the partner host sites?
What are the partner host site benefits?
How to become a host site? 

Who are the partner host sites? 

Nine local Fox Valley organizations were selected to serve as partner host sites for our Weight of the Fox Valley AmeriCorps Program. Awarded host sites will host at least one AmeriCorps member to educate, create, implement, and promote activities and programs that support a culture and environment that supports health! The list below provides a general overview of each host site's member opportunities:

  • Calumet County Public Health/Ascension Calumet Hospital-Chilton, WI 
    • Overview: Calumet County Public Health and Ascension Calumet Hospital are looking for a full-time member to improve the health of youth throughout Calumet County. Examples of member activities include: coordinating and leading Farm to School and Farm to Early Care activities to improve healthy eating habits; planning school and community and/or worksite events that promote physical activity; and developing materials and educating early care students about healthy habits.
    • Click here to review the finalized position description
  • Mosaic Family Health Clinic-Appleton, WI
    • Overview: Mosaic Family Clinic and their associated Fox Valley Family Medicine Residency program are looking for a half-time member who will enhance prevention efforts by incorporating lifestyle medicine education with treatment and care.
    • Click here to review the finalized position description
  • Riverview Gardens-Appleton, WI
    • Overview: A full-time AmeriCorps member will assist Riverview Gardens in supporting their ServiceWorks program and food sustainability through the Urban Farm. Members will recruit and guide program participants and additional volunteers to assist with day to day development on the Urban Farm.
    • Click here to review the finalized position description
  • SOAR Fox Cities-Appleton, WI
    • Overview: SOAR Fox Cities is looking for one full-time AmeriCorps member who will expand services within their Adult and Special Olympics Program related to healthy lifestyles. The Adult Program will create and deliver health education lessons and activities, focused on healthy eating and physical activity to individuals with disabilities. The member will also support the Special Olympics program to recruit athletes/individuals to participate, incorporate and promote physical activity into Events, and educate and promote physical activity to participants and their families.
    • Click here to review the finalized position description
  • United Way Fox Cities-Menasha, WI 
    • Overview: United Way Fox Cities is looking for a half-time AmeriCorps member to expand the reach in the Fox Valley related to healthy lifestyles in the early care, worksite, and community settings, through health education and increasing access to opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity.
    • Click here to review the finalized position description
  • UW-Oshkosh Head Start-Oshkosh, WI 
    • Overview: UW-Oshkosh Head Start is looking for a half-time AmeriCorps member who would provide health education and support to our youngest learners (3-5 year olds) and their families.  The member would be responsible for creating and delivering nutrition education through Farm to Early Care activities to Heads Start students. Members will also create and share activities with staff, children and families to increase their level of physical activity outside and inside the classroom, and at home.
    • Click here to review the finalized position description
  • Winnebago County Health Department-Oshkosh, WI
    • Overview: Winnebago County Health Department is searching for a full-time member to support Winnebago County’s youngest residents through encouraging and improving access to physical activity, health eating, and breastfeeding. This includes implementing health education outreach and relationship building to businesses, schools, and residents, recruiting and managing volunteers, and participate coalition meetings to support new or ongoing projects throughout the county.
    • Click here to review the finalized position description
  • YMCA of the Fox Cities-Appleton , WI
    • Overview:  YMCA of the Fox Cities is looking for one full-time member who will serve as the Workplace Wellness Assistant. This member will focus on Workplace and School Wellness, which includes developing and implementing wellness offerings (including health fairs, lunch and learns, health coaching, and wellness screenings) and nutrition education to Fox Valley elementary students. 
    • Click here to review the Workplace Wellness Assistant position description 

What are the benefits of becoming a future partner?

  • Either a half time or full time member serves in your organization for a full calendar year
  • Increased capacity to meet your organization’s internal goals and programs to create a culture and environment that supports healthy choices
  • You recruit, interview, and select your own AmeriCorps member, who has a background or degree in: health and wellness, community health, health science, or related field
  • No HR hassle!! WOTFV administers the program, including  background checks, payroll, and benefits
  • For more information about host site benefits, please review our host site informational flier.

How do organizations become a partner host site?

Interested organizations participate in a competitive application process. The host site application process has closed for the 2018-2019 service year. The application process for the 2019-2020 service year will reopen in spring of 2019.

If you're interested in learning about how to become a partner host site in 2019-2020, please contact Amanda Ross, AmeriCorps Program Manager: 920-735-5479 or email.