Family Night Club at your School

The Family Dinner Club brings families together to school in the evenings to cook,  to learn, and to have fun.

They have the opportunity to learn how to cook a healthy and simple dinner that they can easily make at home. They will go through all the phases such as chopping, cooking, setting the table, and eating. Every one of the family members, including the little ones, take part. We recommend organizing the Dinner Club 1-3 times a year in the school setting.

The main goal is to model the importance of having family time at the table together, without any distractions such as screens, and to teach them how to cook a healthy, simple and affordable dinner.

For most people, dinner is the main meal of the day, since they are in a rush the rest of the day and sometimes don’t eat healthy food. It is also usually a time that the family members can meet together, after their daily activities. However, it was found out that families struggle with both cooking healthy and eating together.


If you wish to start the Family Dinner Club at your school, you need to follow these basic steps:

  • Invite around 8 families
  • Set up the tables (every family gets a table and chairs)
  • Provide the ingredients for the dinner (recipes will be supplied)
  • Provide every family kitchen implements
  • At the event, give an introduction to the families about the importance of family time during the dinner and about eating a balanced and healthy meal. Presentations and professional materials will be supplied.

Dietitians will be available to consult along this process.


Edison Elementary School Dinner Club