Family Dinner Night Toolkit

How to Use the
Family Dinner Night Toolkit


This toolkit is designed to assist organizers in successfully planning a Family Dinner Night event. It contains checklists, recipe ideas, conversation starters, and suggested timelines for your event. For more resources, visit and These websites are prepared by other organizations that support family meals and promote their benefits.

 While the toolkit was written with a focus on organizing the Family Dinner Night at schools, this event can be offered in other settings. A Family Dinner Night could be offered at service clubs, day care centers, and in the workplace. Bringing employees together, to learn how to make a healthy, budget friendly meal while socializing with each other may be a fantastic team building exercise. A Family Dinner Night could also be provided as part of a workplace wellness event.

 This toolkit is divided into categories and provides resources to assist you in each step of the planning process. The table of contents contains links to each section. Hold the control key and click on the topic in the table of contents you want to read about and it will direct you to the topic section within the toolkit. Tailor each section to your particular location and audience (school/student; workplace/employees; etc.)

 If you feel there is missing, unclear or redundant information, please contact Julia E. Salomón, Community Health Improvement Leader at Ascension Wisconsin (formerly Affinity Health System), at