Brown Eggs vs. White Eggs

Brown White Eggs 

Brown eggs, white eggs, blue eggs, speckled eggs! Eggs come in different sizes and colors. In the grocery stores, we often see brown and white. Is there a difference? Well, yes… in color!

Eggsactly what is going on? It is rather simple. According to poultry scientists, white-feathered hens with white ear lobes lay white eggs while brown-feathered hens with reddish ear lobes lay brown eggs.

You may have noticed brown eggs tend to be slightly bigger than white eggs. This is primarily due to the fact that overall, brown-feathered hens tend to be bigger than white-feather hens. In some cases, brown eggs are more expensive than white eggs. This is related to how much brown-feathered hens eat (since they’re bigger, they have a bigger appetite). The cost to raise brown-feathered hens trickles down to the price of eggs.

Who wins? Nutritionally, there is little or no difference between white and brown eggs.

Julia E. Salomón, MS, RDN, CD; Community Health Improvement Leader, Affinity Health System