Fresh Brewed Coffee vs. Fancy Flavored Coffee Drinks

I've got a latte problems, but coffee isn't one. The Holidays are a much needed time for coffee for many; whether hitting the roads to visit family, stuck in an airport or hosting a holiday party, many view coffee as something they don’t want to be without! But beware of letting coffee sabotage your health goals before your day even gets going. I've got a latte problems, but coffee isn't one.

Since the average American drinks about 3 cups of coffee per day, it is important to know what is inside your beverage. And if you stop on your travels for a much needed pick-me-up, there are some coffee dos and don’ts. 

We can all easily be tempted by Holiday drinks such as pumpkin spice latte, peppermint mocha, gingerbread or even an eggnog frappe! However, these common drink choices are filled with added sugar and empty calories. Most of these drinks weigh-in at around 400 calories and over 60 grams of sugar!

For healthier options, keep your order simple with fresh brewed coffee; adding in simple flavor-enhancers, such as lowfat milk, cinnamon, or even a touch of honey. For a special treat, try Caffé Misto, made with half coffee and half steamed milk, while keeping the calories and sugar content in check.  

The Verdict: The clear winner of this food fight is the Fresh Brewed Coffee with your own flavor-enhancers. You can also save money by making it at home!

TIP: If you want to treat yourself with a fun, festive drink, a good way to cut back the calories and sugar would be to remove the whipped cream and switch to nonfat milk.

Have a brew-tiful day!

Tierney Wittmann, Program Assistant, Weight of the Fox Valley