Fruit Sugar vs. Added Sugar

Fruit Sugar vs. Added Sugar

There tends to be confusion between whether the sugar found in fruit is different than cane sugar. These two types of sugars are both made up of fructose and glucose and they contain the same sugar molecules whether they’re in an apple or a donut. Even though the donut and the apple contain the same sugar molecules, they’re not the same. Nutritionally, fruit sugars and added sugars are very different!

Did You Know? Eating a piece of fruit offers vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and water that our bodies need! The fiber in fruit helps to slow the absorption of the sugar, so our bodies can use it up before it is stored as fat. Fruit also has much less sugar by volume than desserts. For example, a ½ cup of strawberries has 3.5 grams of sugar, while a ½ cup of strawberry ice cream has 15 grams of sugar. To find out more interesting facts, click here.

The Verdict. Eating the sugar found in fruits is a much healthier option than eating a dessert with added sugar; so don’t exclude fruits from your diet in an attempt to cut down on sugar. Eat fruit for nutrients your body needs, especially nutrient powerhouses like berries and citrus!

Sarah Sugden, Weight of the Fox Valley Intern