Ben Benesh, PT, SCS

Ben Benesh

  • Physical Therapist & Sports Certified Specialist at Aurora Medical Center
  • Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Sports Physical Therapy American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties
  • Aurora Certified Running Specialist
  • B.S. Biology, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
  • M.S. Physical Therapy, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

What are your tips/advice for healthy eating?

Portion control is what I struggle with the most.  You can eat what you want, as long as you are aware of your calories in and your calories out.  I was amazed on how much I was eating when I actually took the time to log the amount of food I had in a day.  Even when the food was "healthy", I was still simply eating too much.

What are your tips/advice for active living?

Find an activity you enjoy doing and that works into your day.  You are setting yourself up for failure if you plan to exercise in the mornings before work and you are not a "morning person".  Give yourself some time when attempting to initiate an exercise program.  I read somewhere it takes 28 days to establish a habit.  As we all know, habits are hard to break, so might as well make it a good exercise habit!

What are your tips/advice for life balance?

"Failure" is ok.  If you have a bad eating day, work out harder.  If you are feeling "lazy" and you had a good eating day, take a break and watch your favorite TV show that night with your family.  Flexibility is essential these days with my young family.  Even the best laid plans for exercise and healthy eating quickly get thrown out the window when we get stuck at a baseball tournament all weekend and need to find a "quick" place to grab lunch before the next game.  There is always tomorrow, and at least I got to spend some time with the people I love.