Ellen Koski

Ellen Koski

  • Community Health Educator, Outagamie County Public Health Division
  • B.A. Spanish, University of Minnesota
  • Current M.P.H. student (Community Health Promotion), University of Minnesota School of Public Health

While I am relatively new to community health work regarding physical activity, nutrition, and promotion of healthy weight, I spent 7 years working in Public Health at the university level assisting with and teaching courses regarding HIV/AIDS, alcohol and drug abuse, and thanatology. From my current and past experiences, I know that health must be viewed holistically. Adequate physical activity and proper nutrition are vital—along with good mental health care, enough social support, a safe place to live, and other basic needs. If we can ensure our families, friends, and neighbors have access to these necessities, then we can all become healthier together. 

 What are your tips/advice for healthy eating? 

Try to incorporate at least one vegetable into each meal— this could be anything from a side salad to the main dish. Fresh, frozen or canned, make veggies a staple when planning your meals.

What are your tips/advice for active living?

As much as I can, I try to get outside and get active with my family. Whether it be playing in the park or throwing the ball around in the backyard, there is so much fun waiting right outside that door.

What are your tips/advice for life balance?

 Take time to care for yourself. This can be 10 minutes of meditation, a manicure, massage, or whatever your body is telling you it needs. Many of us are tasked with caring for others (at work and at home) and if we aren’t well, we can’t do our jobs well.