Gina Schwebke RD, CD

Gina Schwebke

  • Registered Dietitian & Certified Dietitian at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin-Fox Valley, seeing pediatric patients in diabetes, cardiology, gastroenterology, and former NICU babies
  • B.S., Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Minnesota
  • Dietetic Internship at University of Minnesota Medical Center

I have a passion for pediatrics!  I appreciate the variety in patient populations that I counsel – some kids carrying extra weight, other kids that actually need to gain weight.  Healthy eating and active living can be challenging at any age, but teaching kids to make healthy choices for themselves (not just mom or dad making a child eat their vegetables!) is especially rewarding to me.   Kids have their own challenges: whether it is “cool” to pack a lunch each day, not always being able to prepare foods by themselves, reaching for the apple instead of the cookies or chips in the pantry , constantly seeing sugary cereal commercials on TV, etc.  It amazes me how successful children can be when they truly understand why they should be making healthy eating and active living choices for themselves.  

 What are your tips/advice for healthy eating? 

To me, healthy eating should never feel like a “diet,” but  a way of life.  This is how we should be eating to fuel our brain and our bodies best each day.  Healthy eating certainly does not go without planning for me!  I have a passion for cooking, and love to try new recipes packed with vegetables or using fruits in fun ways (on the grill, in sauces, etc.).  Every Sunday I find recipes for meals I plan to cook the weeknights ahead, and plan enough fruits and vegetables for snacks throughout the week.   I make a grocery list and shop for the entire week, and try to stick to this schedule as much as possible.  

What are your tips/advice for active living? 

Similar to healthy eating, active living should be a way of life.  The best advice I have is to just find something that you can enjoy doing, most days of the week.  I really enjoy physical activity in class setting – I find instructors and “workout buddies” very motivating.  Kickboxing and kettlebells are favorites of mine.  My husband and I also enjoy to have exercise hobbies outdoors – skiing in the winter months and biking, hiking, and kayaking in the warmer months. 

What are your tips/advice for life balance? 

When we shift our mindset from “healthy eating just feels like a diet” to “this is how to best fuel my body” and “exercise is work” to “exercise is the healthiest part of my day” all the pieces seem to fall into place.  Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and celebrate the small, healthy,  successes for you and your family.