Julia Salomon, MS, RD, CD

Julia Salomon

  • Corporate Dietitian and Community Health Improvement Leader at Affinity Health System
  • B.S. Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • M.S. Nutritional Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison

After earning my Master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences, I became a registered dietitian. Before joining Affinity Health System in June of 2011, I worked as a college dietitian and later as a state nutrition specialist with the University of Wisconsin-Extension. I have also earned certificates of training in adult and childhood weight management. Professionally, I have a special interest in nutrition, public health and wellness.  Originally from Peru, and having moved many times in my adult life, I am delighted to be living in the Fox Valley! I am married and live with my husband, daughter, and two rescue dogs. My personal interests include cooking, traveling, reading, and horseback riding (as well as anything canine!) I also enjoy spending time with my daughter doing crafts and horseback riding, as well as taking long walks with my family and dogs.

What are your tips/advice for healthy eating?

COLORIZE!  Make sure that when you are serving yourself you can see at least three different colors on your plate (Beige, white and tan count as only one color!).  So grab some greens (leafy vegetables, edamame, kiwi), reds (tomatoes, apples), orange (carrots, squash, tangerines), yellows (peppers, bananas), purples (cabbage, eggplant or plums) and make your plate a rainbow of food!

What are your tips/advice for active living?

Choose the kind of activity that you like!  Do you enjoy dancing? Then maybe a zumba class, or a flamenco dance class would be right up your alley.  Like to swim, great! 

Incorporate any kind of movement into your daily life.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk the dogs a little longer, etc.

What are your tips/advice for life balance?

WHITE SPACE.  What is white space?  It is the unscheduled or unfilled time in your calendar.  Look at your family calendar and make sure you have some white space.  Enjoy your white space.