Healthy Eating at Work

Julia E. Salomon, MS, RDN, CD and Community Healthy Improvement Leader at Affinity Health System
Salad at Work
#1) Get with the trend! Pack a salad for lunch…. in a mason jar!
It is important to get your daily servings of fruits and vegetables, so why not bring a salad for lunch. A problem you might have encountered with salads is that by lunch time the salad is soggy from the dressing.  You could bring the dressing on the side but this may seem like a hassle.  The solution, an old fashioned mason jar! The idea of the mason jar salad has become very popular; do a quick internet search and you are bound to find an overwhelming amount of recipes and ideas.  
First, fill your mason jar with wet ingredients.  Then follow with the dry ingredients.  The idea is to keep the salad from becoming soggy with time.  So you’ll end up with the dressing on the bottom, followed by ingredients that can withstand the dressing such as harder vegetables and legumes, followed by any other vegetables you  may prefer as well as grains such as pasta, quinoa etc.  Next put your protein sources such as chicken, beans, etc and the cheeses if you use them.  Lastly top with the leafy greens of your choice. The salad should be kept refrigerated until it is time to eat.  When ready, simply pour your colorful salad into a bowl or if necessary shake and eat straight from the jar!
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