Focus on Maintaining During the Holidays

Contributor: Mary Dorn, RN, BSN; Public Health Officer/Manager, Outagamie County Public Health Division

 Maintain don't Gain

All your hard work throughout the year should not be lost during the holiday season but it's also not the time to focus on weight loss. The holidays should be a time of family and celebration! 
Focus should be on maintaining your current weight!  Putting on just one pound each year over the holiday season can add up over the years, so paying attention to the little things can assist you in making it through with a steady weight. 
Temptations will lurk around every corner for several weeks so planning and awareness are needed.  The following tips will help to avoid weight gain while enjoying family time and celebrations. 
  • Plan ahead to eat prior to arriving at a celebration to avoid eating the first foods that you see.
  • If you're part of the party planning include activities that don’t include eating and drinking
  • Rather than grazing on a buffet table all night, grab a small plate and plan for one or two visits.
  • Position yourself away from the food so that you are not tempted.
  • Limit the amount of alcohol that you drink by alternating with one or two glasses of water.
  • Be picky before eating all of the sweet treats, decide if it is really “worth it”
  • Offer to bring a healthy option to the party so that you will know you have at least one safe option.
  • Try chewing on a piece of gum while cooking or while at a party to avoid “tastings”.
  • Plan a little exercise before, after or better yet include activity as part of the celebration.
A little planning this holiday season can help you to maintain your weight while still enjoying friends and family celebrations.
Happy Holidays!