Contributors: Logan Polack, UW Oshkosh Intern, Summer 2018


We all have felt the effects of being overwhelmed. Those feelings you get when you are at work and start to panic because you have one too many things due around the same time. These types of physiological effects are good in small doses can be very detrimental when added together. In fact, the Japanese have a word for when somebody works so hard they die known as Karoshi.

A good way to avoid these draining stressors is to create a plan of how you want your week to look. On Sunday sit down and look at the upcoming week and figure out how you want to spend those next 168 hours. Devote one or two days to a big project and then move onto the next. Avoid cramming too many hours work into a small window. Studies have shown that when people concentrate on multiple things at once productivity goes down significantly. So, take an hour and create a rough draft of how you would like to spend your week be sure to include work, family, friends, you-time, etc. Visit this website to get a template that allows you to start mapping how your week will go. I think you may be surprised at the wonders it can do.