Wellness Winners

Time for change

Wellness winners are members of our community with an interesting story. These individuals have been living a healthy lifestyle or have made a change to adopt healthier habits.
Wellness winners are not necessarily sports champions, but are champions of life!
If you have made a change in your life to be healthier, feel free to submit your story to Deb Schmidt.
Our Wellness Winners:

Kathy Moureau

Kathy Moureau

October 2015

Connor Story

Connor Story

November 2015

Joshua Kilgas

Joshua Kilgas

December 2015

Fox Cities CEOs


January 2016

 Barbara Herzog


February 2016

 Perla del Val


March 2016

 Toni Schinke

Toni Schinke

April 2016

 Brian Hunter

Brian Hunter After1

May 2016

 Julie Ritzman

Julie Ritzman Casual

June 2016

Jenni Eickelberg

Jenni Eickelberg

July 2016 

 Aaron Moureau

Aaron Moureau Wts

August 2016