Barbara Herzog – Board Member, Oshkosh Area United Way


Barbara started her weight-loss journey in April of 2015 after a coworker asked her to judge dessert dishes for a fundraiser for Oshkosh Area United Way. Knowing that she needed to make changes in her lifestyle, Barbara joined Weight Watchers and a Fitness Center in order to keep track of her weight.

Barbara made these changes for a number of reasons. Firstly, she felt that it would improve many aspects of her life, whether that is clothes fitting better, feeling healthier, looking and feeling stronger, and having more energy. As well, Barbara says that her pet dog recently suffered an injury and she would have to take extra care of her pets, resulting in more work. Finally, Barbara wanted to set an example for the community. Serving as a member of the board for Oshkosh Area United Way, Barbara felt that promoting a healthy lifestyle was a good way to show that she believed in the goals of the group.

Because of her changes, Barbara was able to meet her original goal of losing 18 pounds. But, she says, there are obstacles and issues that make it challenging to maintain the healthy weight. The temptation of unhealthy foods, and of eating foods that require little preparation, can be strong and hard to deal with. Barbara states that it is best to look at these changes not as limitations, but as improvements. It will take time and energy and change may not happen as fast as you would like. Barbara also says that it has helped to plan ahead when looking at your schedule or diet. Buying items in bulk can save time and make meals easier to prepare in the future. Also, everyone enjoys having a snack or sweet foods, and having a healthy lifestyle does not necessarily mean never having these items again. It only means that you must work around these items, such as eating less during the day or planning to work out more after having a sweet snack. Finally, Barbara says that the biggest motivation, even when it may seem hard, is to be able to see the differences in weight or health. Once you can see the improvements, it seems worth all of the challenges.

Thanks to her changes, Barbara lives a healthier life. If you have made a change in your life to be healthier, feel free to submit your story to Deb Schmidt.