Jenni Eickelberg - Community Affairs Manager, Thrivent Financial

Jenni Eickelberg

Jenni Eickelberg, Community Affairs Manager at Thrivent Financial. Jenni decided to use a simple program to add in a new habit and create a part of a healthier lifestyle.

Jenni came to one of WOTFV breakfast events (Wake Up with Weight of the Fox Valley) and wrote down a reminder on a pledge postcard. “I wrote a reminder to myself to schedule a session with my employer’s fitness center to set up a workout routine.” Jenni took this reminder and decided to set a goal of running a 5K. To accomplish this, Jenni understood that she had to start small. “I started running for 2 minutes. Yes, 2 minutes. I added a few minutes to my run every time I went out. Bit by bit, I became a runner.” By setting a goal, Jenni has had a healthier lifestyle and has been able to lose over 40 pounds. She now exercises regularly and leads a more healthy and active life.

 "I have maintained my weight loss and continue to run regularly.  The year after I accomplished this goal and ran a 5K, I set my goal higher to run a 10K.  I was able to meet my goal and continue to run in 5K and 10K races.  I really do attribute filling out the post card at the WOTFV event to jump starting me on my journey to becoming more healthy."