Joshua Kilgas - Resource Development Officer, United Way Fox Cities

Joshua Kilgas

Joshua Kilgas, a Resource Development Officer within United Way Fox Cities, is our Wellness Winner of the month. Josh decided to make the change to a healthier lifestyle around two year ago, in order to improve his overall health and lower his blood pressure. Originally, Josh’s goal was simply to lose weight and improve his health, but goals changed as he continued his journey. Josh said that the mentality about health and his lifestyle seemed to shift, and the negatives disappeared. Instead of being apprehensive about exercise and healthy eating, Josh says, “Now I crave healthy foods… I went from hating running to liking it, going from one minute of running to up to 20 miles.” In his mind, exercising and eating right can be just as much as a craving as any unhealthy habits or foods. Thanks to his “cravings,” Josh successfully completed his first marathon in September 2015.
But, Josh understands that it isn’t easy to lead a healthy life and maintain his weight. For him, and many others, the mental block can be just as hard to overcome as physical exhaustion. Josh talks about particular days, “On the days when you don’t see continued results, those are the hardest.” He also believes that someone trying to lose weight or become healthier should “know to go slow,” and not expect results overnight.
Today, Josh has many habits and routines that help him stay in shape. Along with support from his friends and family, tools that track his exercise goals, and a consistent weight training regimen, Josh tries to include exercise in as many areas of his life as possible. Even within his job, Josh tries to stay active. Every 20 to 30 minutes, an alarm goes off and he walks around his building, in order to move himself and get some exercise. At first, his coworkers seemed to think it was strange, but now Josh is able to have others join him and let others exercise as well. Josh also tries to take some of his favorite recipes and find ways to make them healthier. He takes it as a unique challenge to improve his lifestyle, and says that it is always fun to offer a healthy recipe to others without saying that it is changed. Even when dealing with more natural and organic food, you can still have a full flavor!
Now, Josh is living a healthier life and encourages others to do the same. He knows that it may be hard and that results may not happen immediately, but it is the experience that is worthwhile. According to Josh, if you keep exercising, “not only will you see results, you’ll start to enjoy it.” Josh welcomes anyone who wishes to contact him with questions about his healthy lifestyle or routine and can be reached at
Thanks to his changes, Josh lives a healthier life. If you have made a change in your life to be healthier, feel free to submit your story to Deb Schmidt.