Worksite Wellness Resources

Helpful Resources

Maybe you are looking to start a wellness program or you are interested in finding methods and techniques to spice up your current worksite healthy weight program... either way, start here! We've compiled an easy to use list of local and national resources that should provide you with a good start.
1. What Works for Health 
What Works for Health provides communities with information to help select and implement evidence-informed policies, programs, and system changes that will improve the variety of factors we know affect health. 
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what works for health           
  2. WELCOA   
WELCOA (The Wellness Council of America) is one of the nation’s most-respected resources for building high-performing, healthy workplaces. Over its 25+ year history, WELCOA has perfected its patented Well Workplace protocol which is the key to developing, delivering, and sustaining a healthy corporate culture. Whether you are a workplace wellness practitioner, human resources professional, business leader, or consultant/broker, WELCOA’s tools, trainings, and resources will help you better promote organizational well-being and, at the same time, contain escalating health care costs.
With more than 5,000 corporate members, WELCOA has an impeccable reputation for helping business and health professionals improve employee well-being and create healthier organizational cultures. By translating powerful, evidence-based science into strategic business practices, WELCOA offers everything you’ll need to build and sustain a results-oriented workplace wellness program.
                - Free Resources: Employee Needs and Interest Survey, Walking Survey, Sample Policies
 3. Wisconsin Worksite Wellness Resource Kit
The 2018 Worksite Wellness Resource Kit (March 2018) is a tool to assist worksites with implementing strategies that have been proven to be effective.  The fourth edition of the kit provides additional information based on feedback from outside experts who helped draft the new version during the past year.  The kit provides information to implement a broad range of strategies or programming: some will require very little or no resources while other strategies may require considerable resources. The kit shows you ways to get started and make a difference in the health of your employees, regardless of the size of your worksite and its available resources.
Worksite Wellness Resource Kit
4. Funding
Worksite wellness programs are an investment in the people of your company. And although wellness programs frequently show a return on investment over time, due to increased productivity and decreased health care claims, we understand that the upfront costs associated with program design, implementation and evaluation can be a barrier to getting started.  In this section we’ll let you know about known sources of funding for your wellness program as they become available.  Make sure to check back frequently for updates!
Workplace Wellness Grants for Small Business

2013 Wisconsin Act 137 - Workplace Wellness Grant Program - New legislation was enacted in March 2014 to provide grants to small businesses that create workplace wellness programs. Key aspects of the law:
  • Act 137 appropriates $3 million per year for grants to reimburse workplaces with wellness programs.
  • No grants may be awarded after December 31, 2018.
  • A “wellness program” is defined in the law and includes specific components.
  • Only small businesses (50 or fewer employees) establishing workplace wellness programs are eligible for the grant.
  • The grant pays for 30% of wellness program costs for one year, and each workplace can only apply once.
  • The Department of Health Services must promulgate administrative rules to create an application process that includes an itemized expenditure form to report costs. The new rule will be designated as DHS 150.
  • The expected timeline for the permanent rules to become effective is late 2015.
CDC Healthier Worksite Initiative: Funding Opportunities for Work Force Health Promotion
Limited funding is often one of the biggest challenges facing new and existing workforce health promotion (WHP) programs. Funding for your program may be available through various government, research, and philanthropic organizations. Federal agencies can also consult Employee Health Programs, developed by the Office of Personnel Management for information on operating and funding WHP programs at federal agencies.
This page lists current and potential funding opportunities specifically related to workforce health promotion. If you think we've missed an important funding resource, then let us know!